Aruba offers its customers web interfaces created for checking Email accounts directly online.

The webmail is available at and with it you can check the following email accounts:




-      @domainname.ext

To make the Webmail more user-friendly and efficient, it is possible to choose between 3 different display options:

-      Complete Webmail: includes all the features and functions;

-      Fast Webmail: simplifies and optimizes the use of the complete Webmail providing a more basic interface with just the essential functions for managing the accounts

-      Mobile Webmail: the simplified interface which makes it easy to check your email accounts also on mobile devices.

To log into the Webmail at simply:

-      Select the type of interface you prefer

-      Enter your full email address (like so or accountname@domainname.ext)

-      Enter the password of your account

-      Click on Login  



More information is available at Recover Password for Email Accounts.

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